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Purchasing Real Estate as an Investment
Purchasing real estate as an investment option
What is real estate investing?
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Purchasing real estate as an investment option

Real estate is a tangible, cash-generating asset, much like gold or silver, and appreciates in values just like these precious metals. Being a tangible asset, however, it does not function like a bond or stock that can quickly lose value; it remains an excellent, long-term way to invest.

Real estate investors benefit from financial leverage, using a mortgage to build wealth in a way that other forms of investments do not. Real estate investment has proven to be a powerful method of creating wealth over time and there are three main forms of return-on-investment (ROI): cash flow, return on taxes and appreciation

Cash flow represents the most direct type of return, since it is money you can "put in your pocket" right away. Investing in real estate is a way to increase your cash flow. That, in turn, can provide the working capital you need to further expand your investment opportunities and obtain greater financial security.

The largest ROI is typically from home appreciation. Properties can have significant increases in value over time and if you have long-term goals, one option is to buy land without a structure on the property. If you buy property in the path of development, you may be able to sell at a profit in the future, perhaps when you're ready to retire and need more income.

Real estate is such a smart investment option because you can maximize your ROI by finding excellent properties that can be purchased at a great price. Some properties may need more work than others, but with a little TLC, it can be turned into a nice rental property. Renting property allows for a steady and reliable stream of cash flow from the rental payments since there is a high occupancy demand for a well-kept and reasonably priced rental property.

If renting is not for you, you can also purchase, repair and resell for attractive profit. This is referred to as "flipping" a property and is a popular real estate investment option. If you're handy and ambitious, this option may be a better alternative to renting the property out.

Some basic strategies can be used successfully in all real estate market conditions and get you started on becoming a real estate investor:

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